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Show HN: An HTML5 game we made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare (clay.io)
49 points by GreyShock 1515 days ago | hide | past | web | 31 comments | favorite

Interesting and very atmospheric, but I lost interest at about 32 days left. None of my actions seemed to have much effect other than to keep mostly-invisible stats up.

If you go around and talk to everyone you can see what the goal is and what problems you'll face. You need to get the Radio fixed within 40 days. The engineer can fix it the fastest, however you need the rest of the team (and the fire) to support him.

As the game progresses talking to people shows different problems that could arise and how you might solve them. It's interesting as talking keeps up morale and gives you insight into how to beat the game.

Cool! I have trouble remembering all the things to do, so I died a couple times from hypothermio. On Safari, it seems to try to load Ogg files, which doesn't work. I also made an HTML5 game for Ludum Dare, but it was under the 48-hour solo rules. All my audio is encoded both as MP3 and as Vorbis, and I use audio.canPlayType() to choose the format.


It's a shame Safari still doesn't support Ogg/Theora by default. But you can install a Quicktime add-on to fix that. See https://www.xiph.org/quicktime/

That's really the least of your problems when writing cross-browser audio code, as I learned last weekend. You can't play an audio object a second time in Chrome without calling .load(), and you shouldn't call .load() in Firefox because it introduces delays. I spent way less time converting to both Vorbis and MP3 than I did trying to get the audio API to work in a sane way. I'm not planning on installing Vorbis for Quicktime, I'm happy without it. I still don't have satisfactory audio timing on Firefox and not only can I not figure out what is causing it, every demo I find for "low latency" audio has significant latency problems on Firefox.

(Note: Theora is the video codec, Vorbis is audio. Safari and IE don't support Vorbis, Firefox doesn't support MP3, presumably due to licensing costs which I've heard estimated at $300k.)

Sorry, that was a typo (not enough sleep :), I obviously meant Vorbis. But Safari doesn't support Theora for video either (and no VP8 as well). I'd say - stay away from such crippled browsers if you can.

I liked it very much, but I believe I encountered a bug(?): http://i.imgur.com/TwwnLRy.png the part I'm referring to is "You needed 4 bullets, but only had 4"

A suggestion I had is to consider changing the text when someone leaves, "we'll probably won't see him again", to simply "we probably won't see him again", which is less awkward.

Overall, great idea and execution. It was fun, challenging, and evocative.

are we getting novelty accounts here too?

Nice Work! I love the artwork and character animations. Im leaving you a review.

Can you rate my HTML5 submission for LD 26? http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-26/?action=preview...

‘Press F5 to Try Again’. That doesn’t work on OS X.

Maybe change the text to ‘Reload page to play again’?

buy a computer with all the keys and mouse buttons :)

Macs have had function keys since forever and right click for quite some time now. I appreciate that you're trying to make a joke, but the platform wars are over and everybody won, you can go home and get work done now.

i still only see one mouse button on the touchpads and mouses (unless you buy an after market mouse, even if it's from apple)

on a side note, i consider a major loss, as my work issued laptop only has right and left mouse buttons. when a 1990 compaq already had a middle button there as well (not to mention a trackball instead of the lame touchpad) :)

For a mouse, you get a right click by pressing the button on the right side, and a left click by pressing the button on the left side. You can middle click by pressing both. This is enabled through a setting. For a trackpad, you get a right click by pressing with two fingers, and a left click by pressing with one fingers. I can see how if you don't do your homework you would be under the impression that this is not possible.

This has been true since 2005, I think. Maybe you haven't used a Mac seriously in more than eight years, in which case you might reconsider your qualifications for discussing them.

I just pressed it and it worked. Remember you need to press the Fn key first (at least on mine).

I’m typing this on a desktop with a full-size Apple keyboard, so I don’t need to press the Function key to use F-commands.

In Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, the keyboard shortcut to reload a page is Command-R. What browser are you using?

I'm using Firefox and Fn + F5 works every time. Strange!

Awesome! As a developer who hasn't played with impact yet, would you recommend it for hobby level projects?

Love the style. Feels like Space Quest.

I'm curious about your engine choice. Why did you choose ImpactJS for this game?

Great game, I had a lot of fun, I just passed by:

---spoiler alert---

- make the doctor, psy do some basic work, and when the engineer is close to finish the radio, kill them all(get extra meal).

- survive w/ the soldier until the end.

I really enjoyed this. I like the way it models the sorts of management problems one might have in the real world by interfacing with the problem in conversation and instruction.

I had a lot of fun with that. Well done. It gave me a similar feeling as the first time I played fallout (original) but with more of an oregon trail style gameplay.

Couldn't get it working had a javascript error complaining about hosts and ports not matching the domain for some assets. This was in chrome latest, windows 7 x64.

Did your team create the pixel artwork or did you contract it out? I've been looking into reliable artist for my next mobile app.

I liked it very much! I kept playing even though I had stuff to do.

Just finished the game... pretty intense!

Pretty nice. Needs a save feature.

Great game!

Looked cool. The progress bar that is. I didn't get past that.

Doesn't seem to work in Safari under OS X. Chrome loads okay.

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