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The Code Player: Learn HTML, CSS and JS in a New Way (thecodeplayer.com)
53 points by game_man 1515 days ago | hide | past | web | 9 comments | favorite

Great idea, you're definitely going to want to get a basic logon working though, and enable people to upload their own videos (or link to their own on youtube/vimeo if you dont want to worry about scaling yet) -- and watch it really take off.

There are tons of tutorial sites on the web, but I'm not sure that there are some dedicated completely to video, and as minimal of a set up that you have there... Though you might want to let people do things like search and categorize (which will be necessary as the site grows) -- Then show top ranked 200 or whatever on the front page

Definitely a good rehash of an idea that already exists, can't wait to see it grow

EDIT- Scratch what I posted earlier -- given the uniqueness of how the tutorials work (the sort of code-view vs. current page view dynamic) I'm not sure if you'd want to put in support for just regular videos, but that would make it easier for people to upload/contribute... Unless that's not what you're going for? Though some oral explanation doesn't seem like it would be too bad of an idea -- would certainly help newer people more

Really nice project, quick learning tool! This is the future of web tutorials :)

I found this on his twitter, you can submit your tutorials here:


This is super cool. I'd love to know more about how the code recording/playback works. And it would be really great if people could send in their own tutorials.

How did you create this tool? Can I use this for my own projects? Is their a similar tool open sourced on github or so?

Nice idea, showing the workflow of the design process can be sometimes very helpful ..

Very cool! However, can we send a tutorial too?

This is badass!

This is one of the best teaching sites I've seen. Very impressive. I don't think you need to let people upload their own ... submissions from the general public are not likely to be nearly as good as the ones you have.

That is awesome...

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