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scotty79 1520 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite

For the whole article: Citation needed. Note the site at which it is posted and the author.

Something that really was news at October 2012 I've found here:


Especially because the author Long Xinming is the founder of http://bearcanada.com/, which is (if you take a look) a rather extreme anti-US, antisemitic blog... I'd not trust OP's article.

I wonder why MSNBC does not sue those truther guys for using such a "typo"-domain.

They even like Alex Jones … https://twitter.com/nsnbc/status/328901101283856385

For some reason I can't edit my post, but after some "Internet sleuthing" (basically just WHOIS and some googling) I think "Long Xinming" is an alias.

FED in all caps was a bit of a giveaway, crazy people can't keep their hands off that shift key.

That would be me. I tried to use original title of the artcle in HN post but it was over 80 chars so I shortened federal Reserve to FED as I see now improperly.

I'm finding the piece submitted to be fairly sketchy, but there's some coverage elsewhere:


Yeah. There are some strange things towards the end of the article but I think the thing about Germans trying to get their gold back is interesting. Unless of course that is pure fabrication.

Nonsense, flagged.

NSNBC is up there with Foks News

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