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Alibaba Buys 18 Percent Stake in Weibo for $586 Million (cnbc.com)
33 points by codegeek 1604 days ago | hide | past | web | 6 comments | favorite

Alibaba/Taobao are already huge. If they manage to make the account integration with Weibo work OK and can drive users across Weibo and Taobao...

Just imagine combining Amazon and Twitter.

Another story on the amount of cash Alibaba is moving: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=5624887

That's the money quote, right there: "Just imagine combining Amazon and Twitter."

It is interesting to think how social e-commerce will be like in the future. Sina Weibo and Alibaba(Taobao and Alipay) have so many individual informations.

My first reaction was that Weibo were going cheap - Twitter was valued at 11bn, while multiplying up Weibo sits at 2.5bn.

However, it makes sense in that Twitter sees 4 times more posts a day, and has less rivals. But then Weibo fills the place of both Twitter and Facebook, so maybe still cheap...


Usually China is not that much concerned about monopolies.

And in this case, there are actually many other e-commerce sites and microbloging services here. Tencent's Weibo has more than 450 million users, for example. And Amazon.cn and JD.com are just two of the other big e-commerce sites.

This is a big deal. Two of China's (and the world's) largest Internet companies linking up.

(investment/ownership = 15% now, up to 30% later).

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