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Show HN: My one month project, Statsgram.com: Website Optimization Tool (statsgram.com)
48 points by statsgram 1546 days ago | hide | past | web | 54 comments | favorite

Very elegant website!

I have a few questions. I ran it against one of my pet projects: www.smitestreams.com and 5 errors popped up.

I'm confused specifically about the following:


SEO Authority: Page Rank missing. - What exactly is this?

Security: Reputation - What is this?


Fantastic project! Very well done and simple to use.

Page Rank is a rank that Google uses for search results.

SEO Authority: Page Rank missing. - What exactly is this? PageRank is a link analysis algorithm used by Google to assess the popularity/authority of a website. The PageRank goes from 0 to 10. New websites start at PR0 and authority websites, like Twitter.com, have a PR10. Smitestreams.com's PR: 0.

Security: Reputation - What is this? Reputation - data is provided by WOT (http://www.mywot.com/). Reputation ratings are based on real user ratings and they tell you how much other users trust this site. Your rate is mising in WOT.

Doesn't seem to work. Try: meddbase.com http://statsgram.com/www/meddbase.com

It says we don’t have google analytics – we do It says we don’t have robots.txt – we do http://www.meddbase.com/robots.txt It says we don’t have a site map – we do http://www.meddbase.com/sitemap.xml It says we’re based in the USA??? That IP is registered to the UK – in fact it’s got the wrong IP. It says – we’re:

Any reason for these catastrophic inaccuracies?

Very Nice, reminds me a lot of google's speed tool. One thing, your crawler seems to have a small enough viewport for my website to switch to "mobile mode". This may change quite a lot of things, depending on the site.

Looks neat. The "Statsgram" name I'm not sure about - my immediate thought was "meh, another Instagram hashtag stat tracker?" and I'd have lost interest if it wasn't on HN.

I misread the title at 1st and thought it was statsgasm.....

I am not sure which came first but the logo looks uncannily similar to http://sidebar.io/

By the way, congratulations on shipping.

My logo is better :)

WOT is giving this a big fat WARNING when you visit the site. "Warning! This site has a poor reputation."

Check it out: https://www.mywot.com/en/scorecard/statsgram.com?utm_source=...

" Amelyshark 03/09/2013

    Malicious content, viruses
keep out! Full of Viruses and Malware! "

Is this true?

Statsgram has no viruses and Malware.

You may want to resolve this with WOT -- with the Firefox WOT plugin, I get a big warning that I have to click through in order to visit your site, not to mention that there's derogatory comments & marks for your site. Check out the link I posted above and follow the resolution procedures. Someone is bad-mouthing your site / domain if it's not true...

One thing really missing on your website is some information on who runs it.

You provide a commercial service, but no information at all about your identity. Are you an individual or a company ? Where are you based ? Without this information, how do you expect us to trust you and provide you with our credit card information?

Could you possibly show us the statsgram dashboard for statsgram.com? I'd like to see how optimized your optimization tool is. :)

Waited about 5 min for results and gave up. Looks simple, need to improve response time.

Can you add an info box to some of the sections explaining more in detail about them. I have no problems for me on most of them apart from the "Security - Reputation" part which incidentally I am failing and would like to know why!

Cool website... I run it on a project and it says: WWW Resolve

This website without www doesn't redirect to www (or the opposite). It is duplicate content.

but it actually does redirect with a 301 redirect.

One other question, where does it get the Visitors data it displays?

Have the same problem for mine (www.splitbrain.org). It complains about unclean URLs which look just fine to me.

I use Alexa API.

Please recheck your website.

I've noticed the same: My site does 301 redirect www -> no-www, but you service doesn't detect this properly (I've entered the url without www). I've double-checked the headers on my site, the problem is in your script...

I did curl -I indicates a 301 redirect...

Doesn't work for me. Entered my site and then gave me a 404 after some seconds.

Same here.site: gowork.at

Show me your website.

Same for me - 404 straight away

Great looking service. FYI - There's a typo in your crawl screenshot @http://statsgram.com/img/main/crawl.png Short Title - "lenght"


For SERP tracking I like http://norrth.com/app/serptracker/ which is 100 keywords for $19/month.

FYI, ran into some signup problems w/ a randomly generated 1Password (try: 'r:T%Z&HDzrs7[gp2Viak' for example) - it tells me I need "at least one letter."

What differentiates you from hubspot? I'm impressed with the design/interface, but agree that you should try and improve the response time if possible.

A small typo under the Crawl Data section:

"Statsgram will crawls your site each day," should be

"Statsgram will crawl your site each day,"

Thanks. I will change it.


Looks beautiful and very descriptive. This is something that I definitely will consider exploring

Seems very similar to http://www.woorank.com but cheaper.

Few issues when running my site rottenapples.co.uk:

Dosen't recognise WWW resolve

Couldn't find robots.txt

Couldn't find the sitemap (uses a sitemap index)

Did you know your site has a poor WOT reputation (http://www.mywot.com/en/scorecard/statsgram.com)?

About WOT Reputation: Big thanks to our competitors...

Is it a copy of woorank.com ?

I made some test, it looks very unreliable. I will stay with woorank.

yes, it is really a pale copy of Woorank.

I hope he will incorporate different features, and opt in for a UI that is more distinct from Woorank's...

Funny also that it's presented here as a 'mone Month project' although articles from Aug. 2012 speak about it: http://www.makeuseof.com/dir/statsgram-check-website-trafic-...

One small typo under 'Crawl Data' - Dublicate titles should be Duplicate titles

Ohhh, thanks a lot!

Liking this project. What kind of new features are in the pipeline?

Bug fixes :)

That's it?

At the moment - yes.

Good for you for concentrating on bug fixes BEFORE writing new code!

Congrats on the release and best of luck! :-)

Thanks! :)

It returns a 404 when you run it on www.google.com.

Where does the "related websites" info come from?

We use third-party API

"Die" is not a bad keyword in German ;-)

No comments ;-)

From the FAQ:

Do you charge VAT? No.

How come?

Guys, do you have Dribbble.com invite?

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