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High Street is a name for the most important shopping street or main thoroughfare in UK convention. I've never been to a place that had 2 high streets and certainly not 2 called High Street. [Many towns in Scotland have a sort of quadrangle of main shopping streets it seems - one is often part cobbled and called Market Street]. If an area/town/village has multiple streets of equal worth then they might be termed North and South street or named for a building like Church Street or such.

In the past having name collisions would simply be a terrible convention, nowadays we have regulations that prevent it from happening with new names (same for housing).

The Scottish village I grew up in had a High Street - but it wasn't the High Street in the sense of "most important shopping street" (or indeed in any other sense). The "most important" street was Church Street - which even had a shop and a church, whereas High Street only had one church. :-)

High Streets can also be overtaken by events. Edinburgh's High Street hasn't been the most important street for anyone other than tourists for a few hundred years.

Use the Royal Mail's 'find an address' tool [1] to look up the following postcodes:

SE20 7QR, SE25 6EP, E13 0AP, E15 2LR, W5 5DB, W3 6LJ, NW10 4SJ, N14 6BW

For a map see [2]. As you can see, plenty there are several roads the Royal Mail considers to be called High Street, London!

[1] http://www.royalmail.com/postcode-finder [2] https://maps.google.co.uk/maps?q=from:SE20+7QR+to:SE25+6EP+t...

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