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Stop it.

I know, nice idea, 'REST' etc, good looking.

Stop it.

As all the other comments stated, this will break down around the corner.

Country name. How do you locate a point in the ocean? What about Österreicht (easy level). ประเทศไทย (hard level)

State name. Not all countries have states. Or they're not used day to day. So in case of Ireland, do I put 'Dublin' or 'Leinster'

'Mission-dolores'? Street name? Street number?

Oh and by the way, the street numbers match the google maps position if you're lucky (it's getting better)

No, you stop it.

Why on earth are you concerned about a point in the ocean? Do you need driving directions there? Or perhaps street view? I didn't realize most ships these days navigate with google maps

I'm sure if google implemented something like this they would still support search and linking by lat/lon.

"Why on earth are you concerned about a point in the ocean?"

Why would I really? After all it's only 2/3 of the planet.

More realistic case: streets that haven't been mapped, rural roads.

Not every solution has to work for every country. This would be very nice for the UK and our address system works great.

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