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I took another approach to this. I have been meaning to post it to HN for a while, though it is still a little raw. I call it geokode - https://geokode.com - it is meant to be like bitly for location. You can essentially choose what your url should be for any location. This makes it very user-friendly and you can also brand your location link. Currently, you can only use English characters and numbers. I have pre-populated it with some entries (see examples below), but the goal is to get users to create their own 'geokodes' as I like to call them. I am also working on a API to make the location data available once the geokode is provided. You can even link a geokode to GPS coordinates, which will be especially useful in countries where addresses are not simple. Obviously, the site needs a lot more polish, but let me know what you think. It is currently free to register a geokode - I have to update the demo video.

Some examples to highlight use cases:





Also, I will be at TC Disrupt in NY today in the Startup Alley in the Mobile category. Feel free to come by.

People already have geocodes, it's their address. Nobody wants yet another address.

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