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And that's why you only buy human-grade dog food if you care about your dog. (Yes, I read the article)

I disagree with the article and think this is one of the best ways of actually understanding your product and how well it works in the real world. Don't test it like a developer. Use it like a consumer.

> Use it like a consumer.

I think the point of the article was that that is impossible. Your real consumers have issues you yourself simply cannot have. Whenever something about the product is bugging you, you fix it. The customer is depending on you for everything.

And I simply disagree with that. Don't test it out. Use it. Take the canonical to-do app. Don't create a list and just test out your features. Integrate it into your life. Use it for your home improvement projects and your shopping list. There is absolutely no reason you can't depend on it the same way your customers do.

If you are a startup writing time-reporting systems, you will never be able to use it like the big customers. No startup will ever need time-reporting system consisting of thousands of charge numbers. No startup needs to worry about government compliance of charge numbers, or tax codes across all 50 States.

Hell, you probably don't even have 50 employees, let alone a reason to have all 50 tax codes in your time charging system.

You are missing the point. You as the developer can -and will- change any detail you don't like. The customer is helpless in your hands.

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