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Show HN: Weekend project - HTML5 Game Engines: which is right for you? (html5gameengine.com)
75 points by austinhallock 1517 days ago | hide | past | web | 19 comments | favorite

I am a big fan of Crafty. Glad to see it on the list I've used it successfully in a few projects its a great 'get shit done' game framework. Has an interesting composition inheritance model.

It would be great to see a bit more information than "free", such as which license the engine/library is under.

That info is in the "More Details" section. With that said, do you still think it should go in the main table? Was trying to keep it from being too cluttered.

It might be good to include brief license information in the cost column -- for example: "free (MIT)". There's probably at least vertical space in the column for that along with a price, and it's conceptually related, particularly for licenses that carry responsibilties with them.

Added :)

Nifty. Since you're here, can I suggest that you work out a way to differentiate between "0 stars" and "unreviewed"?


I can't speak on behalf of everyone, but the license it's under is a deciding factor for me when looking at engines and libraries. It's definitely something I'd love to see at a first glance.

Awesome site by the way!

I really liked playing around with Quintus. It's one of the newest, and feels the most like modern JavaScript development. Almost like Backbone for games.

Construct 2 makes it really easy, but I would like to see them add a way to easily put in multi-player mode.

Nice resource. I'm curious how you're going to manage the content and keep it accurate?

Example: under Three.js there is a game listed "Super Grammar Ninja" that is clearly not using 3D. (Seems to use Impact.js)

There are a few new 3D engines: http://wp.me/puh71-9M

Nice list, glad to see Construct 2 on there :)

If by 'on there' you mean kicking ass and making bacon!

i didnt know much about construct 2, but the screenshots/feature sets make it look quite nice. Can you write a bit about what features, limitations and other facets that's in construct 2?

This page gives the best info! https://www.scirra.com/construct2

i like to be able to open relevant "More Detail" pages in new tabs... i.e. middle click on "More Detail"

Done - should work now. Ex. http://html5gameengine.com/details/4

your a camp :)

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