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Fuduntu Project Ends (fuduntu.org)
23 points by duggieawesome 1517 days ago | hide | past | web | 11 comments | favorite

Shame the new project name is FuSE- built in confusion with File System in User-Space and a million other things. I can't find the new project in Google at all :/.

Seriously, that seems like one of the worst naming decisions I've ever seen. It's not just that 'Fuse' is a common word - FUSE is an incredibly important project in the Linux world. This snafu is right up there with Unity[0], Unity[1] and Unity[2].

I really want to know what they were thinking - were they somehow unaware of the FUSE module?




Wikipedia disambiguation and Distrowatch both come up empty. I can't see much of a community forming around it.

What is Fuduntu?

Funduntu was an attempt to make a netbook-focused distribution out of Fedora Linux. They also wanted to put a higher priority on user stability than Fedora, which has always gone for the cutting edge.

I was using this distro for the past few months. I must say that I liked it very much because its optimized for laptops and I get the most battery life out of it. Now that its gone, can anyone here please suggest a distro that does the same? Other than Lubuntu, which seems to be an obvious choice?

Considering it's not even visible on distrowatch's ranking of 300 distros, I would say it ended a while ago.

Distrowatch pulled it when it announced it was going EOL, prior to that it had been in ranked anywhere between 14 and 30 over 2 years.

Popularity: 26 (453 hits per day) http://distrowatch.com/table.php?distribution=fuduntu

Having FUD in the name didn't help either.

Having a community of morons who clutch onto stupid make believe things like a few letters in a word that make up something when intentionally taken out of context didn't help either.

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