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I own <first initial><last name>@gmail and I routinely get email intended for other people, including flight itineraries, new account info at various sites, personal emails, and once I even received legal correspondence.

Not only has this taught me how incredibly oblivious some people are to how their email works, but it also showed me just how many companies out there are willing to sign up a random email for an account without verifying the email's ownership, including some big companies like PayPal.

A pedantic but important point - you do _not_ "own" AnyUserName@gmail.com - Google owns them all.

So true. Also, I frown whenever I read someone ‘bought’ a domain name (when they mean they’ve registered it).

I got that for my Bank Of America account.

If three other people tried that username, I not only got locked out of my BoA account, and had to set up a bunch of stuff again.

I have a long blog post about BoA's horrible policies I still haven't published because I work in a major financial city and might end up wanting to work for them some day, but as time goes by the odds of it getting published go way up.

This happens to me, and I wouldn't call my name common (the email that this happens to is <nickname>@gmail.com, not my <firstname>.<lastname> one though).

It does make for fun responses... I was invited to a bachelor party in Las Vegas, which I sadly had to decline on account of being halfway around the world.

> including flight itineraries

Those are not real flight itineraries.

They are usually well crafted spam sent to anyone and everyone, designed to entice personal details like bank accounts, pin numbers and visa card numbers from unexpecting users.

No, they're real flight itineraries. I checked. Also, they're made out to the same people who keep misusing my address.

I have a few other people's bank accounts from foreign countries (mainly the US) emailing me. I really couldn't believe that banks have no email verification at all...

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