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You do not have to `enable` it, as soon as you add an account to an android phone, photos automatically start syncing.

I have two Android phones (ICS and Jelly Bean) and this has not been my experience at all.

The first time you start the Google+ app, it will ask you if you want to enable Instant Upload (which uploads to a private album from which you can publish). Prior to that it doesn't do anything with your photos.

What kind of account? I have my Google account(s) synced up to my Android phone and have a total of 0 photos in my Google+ album.

I have them syncing with DropBox intentionally.

Same for me - but I noticed that it suddenly started syncing to Google+ too a few weeks ago (not sure why it started doing this, either there was an update or it was because I logged into Google+ using the default Android Google+ app and it enabled it then). Either way, I wasn't particularly happy about it, though I believe it uploaded them but did not make them public. I turned it off as soon as I noticed as I don't need my photos synced to two places and I already had photos synced to DropBox.

> or it was because I logged into Google+ using the default Android Google+ app and it enabled it then

It asks you if you want the uploads to take place when you first setup the app.

Unless its a small, easy-to-miss checkbox, I was only asked to log into my Google Account.

it's definitely not small or easy to miss. The whole "instant upload" part is an entire screen outlining what it is with a clear opt-out.

Both Google/Gmail account and Google Apps account.

I may not be correct about 'any' android phone though. I've only used stock and several custom ROM on Galaxy Nexus ranging from version 4.0.4 to 4.2.2. After you add a Google/gapps account you'll see this in sync setting- http://s24.postimg.org/fxbv98s05/Screenshot_2013_04_28_23_42... . I've found 'Google Photos' always checked by default. First time this feature was introduced, I didn't notice and my G+ filled up with random images from my mobile gallery. Since then I consciously turn this off everytime I flash a ROM.

Edit: so you don't necessarily need Google+ app installed for this to happen.

It's true. I was surprised when I suddenly started to get notifications that my photos had been uploaded to G+ and were ready to be shared (I don't even use G+ but have a zombie account).

I don't really mind though. Good backup.

It isn't true. By default -- including on a brand-new Nexus 4 -- it will notify you that photos are ready to be uploaded, and if you follow-through it gives you the option of automatically uploading from then forward.

No, it definitely uploaded them. They are in my G+ account. The notification says ready to be shared.

Indeed, happened to my very privacy sensitive colleague while setting up his new S3 (he had no prior G+ account, so he got a new one). This may depend on what type of account you have and what terms you have agreed to.

Then you opted to allow automatic uploads. When you first opened Google+ (which is not installed by default), you were asked whether to automatically upload photos. You chose yes.


"yes yes yes yes whatever, just let me use the service"

That's the same way malware/toolbars get installed...

No, I definitely did not. Believe what you want.

I can confirm this happens by default on Samsung phones (both att branded and unlocked) as soon as you create a g account

How did you confirm that? Google+ on my Galaxy S III asked me whether I wanted to allow it to upload pictures on first launch (not surprising as it runs the same G+ app as every other device). Of course most people will simply do what nnnnni stated, which is a "sure whatever" clickpast (which Google knows and takes advantage of), and forever more declare it unwanted, mysterious behavior.

   1. buy new note2 from att, register google account, skip samsung and att setup.
   2. buy new s3 from amazon unlocked, register google account, skip samsung setup.
   3. never even open G+ app on both phones
   4. take a picture
   5. wait an hour
   6. you get a notification "pictures you took are ready for sharing" i.e. they are already uploaded against your will and out of your knowledge.

Dammit everyone.

If someone complain about a bad Android default or behavior in a non nexus device, and you have a nexus device, just stay put!

Nexus are a completely different beat when it comes to user control, ok?

I used the Nexus 4 as an example of the most extensive Google integration. However my other devices are a GS 3, GS 2, Galaxy Glide, and Nexus 7s. Given that Google+ is an app (and is actually the same app on all of them), the same behavior was true on all of them.

You have to install the Google+ app, at least I had to do so. I don't have a Nexus though, does it come pre-installed?

I don't have a Nexus though, does it come pre-installed?

Not only does it come pre-installed but you also can't uninstall it.

You can very easily disable the app causing it to be no longer present in it's unextracted form, meaning it's effectively uninstalled.

Last I checked Google+ was the one spyware that you couldn't get rid of even when you rooted the phone. I.e. once you disable G+ all sorts of unrelated apps will hang/force close.

Admittedly it's been a long time since I tried, perhaps they fixed it since then.

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