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[dupe] My two-week review of Google Glass (plus.google.com)
32 points by stevenleeg 1606 days ago | hide | past | web | 12 comments | favorite

I thought duplicated were automatically removed? Bug with hacker news?

Nah, Google+ links can be very irregular.

these are identical

Ah I was curious as to how this wasnt submitted already. My bad.

I think it's probably better for Google to stage it with a higher price at first (for early adopters), get a lot of feedback and spend a couple of years to improve the voice commands and then release it to the mass market.

I know for me when using Siri, I am disappointed 80% of the time. Siri fails actually at least 80% of the time when I use it, so I really cannot use it, because it's too annoying to keep trying until Siri gets it right. Much easier to type than to try and talk to Siri.

Google glass is going to have significant challenges with the voice commands and early adopters will be willing to go through the pain of asking it several times, but the mass market will quickly get frustrated if the voice commands do not work 90+% of the time.

> "success of this totally depends on price"

Maybe partially but the real success lies in designing something like this that can be worn without the user looking like a huge nerd. Otherwise it will never hit the mainstream. I mean, I even know many tech early adopters who think its a cool experience but would never use it in public the way it looks now.

Restated: Price was not a barrier to the adoption of the iPhone.

I don't buy that this will make people want to Google+. You can't change the fact that there just aren't enough people on it. Outside the tech community I literally I don't know a single individual who uses it.

If most people who use it leave it on the default setting of uploading pictures, etc. to Google+, and the right people start using it then more people will start using G+ just to see their pictures. If those people start using G+ more then this could just be the killer app that kick-starts G+ to the mainstream.

Most popular social networks started small.

I'm really not interested in this.. But I dont consider a smartphone worth the extra weight / pocket space usage / charging... I'm rarely far from a real computer that I can do stuff on efficiently

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