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Chrome Office Viewer: this is how Google goes head-to-head with Microsoft (arstechnica.com)
21 points by shawndumas 1606 days ago | hide | past | web | 13 comments | favorite

If this is how Google goes head-to-head with Microsoft, I have to confess it doesn't look that good for Google. :)

On the other hand, my wife has been perfectly happy with LibreOffice. (Was not as happy with LaTeX. :) )

I would say about the same thing. At dozens of MB is size, one might think it would work at least as well as Libre Office, which, based on recent experience, is pretty competent at editing docx files. Google seems to be starting far back from the current state of the art.

What I would really like is a set of Android apps for editing Google Drive documents offline, and richer formatting for Drive documents.

The best way to create them is using MS Office. This will only make it easier for people to create and share using Office formats without worrying about whether the person has Office installed or not. So, isn't it a win for MS?

Chicken and egg, for many people if you can't view certain files you can't use Chrome OS. I hope it works as well as their PDF plug-in, I always hate getting a link to a spreadsheet or doc and have my downloads folder clutter up (not to mention the bloat of Office).

Quite the opposite. It makes life easier for people who want to avoid MS Office. If they ever have to deal with it due to interactions across the "world boundary" then it's trivial, read support is built into chrome, import/export is built into google drive.

Also, remember that Chrome can potentially live on devices where Office may not be available.

BTW, there's also an Office web viewer, which doesn't seem to require signing up for SkyDrive.


What makes word processors so diffucult to develop? I once heard heard that Microsoft has 3,000 developers working on office.

Viewer only it seems?

Doesn't microsoft publish free versions of their Viewer? Though this does support multiple browsers.

This is a Chrome extension that uses NaCl, so I don't think it supports multiple browsers or will any time soon.

Is the .docx standard public? (Intentionally?)

Did Microsoft run into any trademark issues calling the format "Office Open XML", considering one of the competitors to the Microsoft Office suite is called "Open Office".

I'm sure Microsoft chose that name on purpose to create brand confusion.

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