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Seconded. I know we're getting a bit off topic here, but I'm growing really tired of all the startups who think making fun of people who prefer a different OS/computer than the founders is a good recruiting strategy.

Think about it. If you're a Mac user, would you work for a startup that says " This is a pure .NET shop and proud of it! You won't find any of those Apple hipsters here!"? If not, why do you assume the opposite is somehow very attractive?

If you're a Mac user, why would you even be interested in a pure .NET shop?

Sure, the example feels a bit over the top, but if you really can't think of an example, then I dare calling you a little short sighted.

It's like saying a Windows user wouldn't want to work at a Node.js shop. What does the dev tech have to do with the OS? And yes, it's a fair comparison, especially since Xamarin.

We're constantly told not all mac users are zealots. If you're a developer who has decided OSX is the best option but isn't religious about it you would probably be willing to work in .net if the rest of that company was good enough.

Why don't you ask the folks at StackOverflow? Pure C#.NET/IIS/SQL Server stack, founded by an MBP user.

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