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Strikingly (YC W13) raises $1.5M from SV Angel, Index Ventures, FundersClub (thenextweb.com)
65 points by dfguo 1693 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 38 comments

I've tried Strikingly and really like it. I would like to recommend it to all of my non-technical friends who want to make simple websites but can't afford to hire someone to do it, instead opting to use things like iWeb (yes, average people actually use iWeb).

However. I'm apprehensive about doing so because I'm worried about Strikingly being acquired, and my non-technical friends being hung out to dry with their websites. These days it seems like any startup pre-Series B that gains traction is liable to get acquired and possibly disappear. I wouldn't want to put my non-technical friends in a situation where they have to deal with that.

Hi, thanks a lot for your support! We're in Strikingly for the long run and we definitely put our users' interest as the top priority. Part of raising the money is also to ensure that we have enough runway to make sure that the product can sustain itself. I definitely don't want you to worry about this. Thanks for your support again!

I don't understand how you can be in it for the long run if you've taken funding. That means you need to be working towards some sort of exit. VC isn't just there to make your business awesome, they want their money back (in multiples of course).

I understand the benefits to VC and congrats on raising it, I just don't see how you can be in it for the long run. How is that possible?

That is a risk for _every_ vendor a business uses.

What are some YC companies that have been acquired in the last 5 years and then disappeared?

what can strikingly – or any company that ever – possibly do to mitigate that?

How do you guys differentiate from Weebly, one of the earlier YC startups?

How is Strikingly different from SquareSpace as far as interaction? Less features? More features?


It's faster for you to set up a website on Strikingly. Squarespace is awesome, especially for designers. We're easier to set up. Let us know what you think when you've tried it out!

This is a great company!! We at ZenShin Capital are very excited to help tailor the service for Japan. We're also re-designing our site with Strikingly!

About and Contact links at the bottom don't work

This was a small bug, and it's been fixed now!

teng, I'm curious what direction you are immediately headed with this funding round. A deeper technical team, salespeople, bizdev, or other. HN is an open community used to sharing ideas, and I'm curious if you have anything interesting to share here. I'm hoping to, one day, get to where you are now.

We're definitely looking to bring great technical talent to our team - that's our highest priority after funding. There are always more things to build and work on! As we grow, we want to keep up a strong development pace.

Thanks Teng. Hmm... whenever I hear that a new company is taking money to stack the technical team, my first thought is immediately "Aha! A planned run-up to a fast acquisition!", which you have perhaps already pointed out to be a misguided guess on my part.

But, this begs the question: expanding the platform, paying down technical debt, adding some adult supervision (heh) are all very valuable for the medium-to-long term, but can't this be achieved by using contractors alone? BTW, I ask this from the perspective of a full-time software engineer and part-time entrepreneur.

Great points! We definitely take hiring very seriously and we want to make sure that everyone share the culture and the vision. We are in this for a long run and we want to make sure that everyone understands that for sure.

We always want to keep the team size small and effective, but we'll soon face a development bottleneck unless we start bringing great talent on board. Contractors may work for part of this, but it's definitely good to have a whole cohesive team that's invested in the company. Thanks for the advice!

I've actually recommended this service to a client of mine as I didn't have time to take on their work.

Great job! Could use a few more templates, but still recommending Strikingly to others!

Thanks for your support! More templates will definitely be coming up!

Keep killing it, David, Teng & Dafeng!

Thanks so much, Jason!


Congrats david, teng, dafeng!

Thanks so much, Phil! :D

this product has an insanely great user experience. i'm a paying customer.

Signup form did not work for me. First, the labels don't disappear. Next, I got some weird JSON in my window: {"status":"redirect","html":null,"message":null,"to":"/s/select_template?new_user=1"}

This has been fixed now, thanks for the report!

Thanks for the feedback, Peter! We're thrilled you enjoy it!

Congrats to the team!!!!

Thanks a lot!!!

my favorite YC startup. ridiculous level of customer support.

Hell yeah UChicago!


Awwwwwwww Yeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh

Congrats guys!!



haha, thanks!

kegstand for everyone!

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