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MangoPay: Payment for Marketplaces – Accept online payments and manage e-money (mangopay.com)
27 points by florian95 1426 days ago | hide | past | web | 15 comments | favorite

This could work if the seller is located outside europa (like latin america)? I'm looking for a solution that work for startups outside USA/UK...

If I were running an online marketplace in the United States and cared about protecting the sellers in my marketplace from fraud:


Love how YC backed companies get free reign for spamming around here. Balanced has been particularly notorious in both submissions and shill comments.

I apologize if my comment came off as spammy; I don't work for or represent Balanced. When someone launches a product that is similar to an existing product, particularly a YC startup's product, the existing product is relevant to the discussion. There are so many payments startups right now, each with its own niche. I think MangoPay and Balanced share a niche (online marketplaces), but Balanced targets the US while MangoPay seems to be targeting Europe.

Has anyone here used them? It looks very good for a few ideas I have up my sleave that I was waiting for balanced to launch in the UK for.

I'm quite astonished at there rates, its very good! There must be a catch.

I got in contact with them for one of my projects. They don't have £ support yet, which they say will be available in June. I'm looking to use this service if its as good as they say it is.

How's this different from Balanced Payments? Other than the supported countries. Do they do ACH? What's the holding period?

Well they have some method to facilitate the "marketplace" usecase - payouts to members of a defined group. So if it's not ACH, it's something very similar.

Anyone know the pricing for this within the US? 1.8% + €0.18 (23 cents) sounds too good to be true...

Sounds too good to be true for Europe also since credit card fees are included apparently.

Where did you see that CC fees are included? I really cannot see how they'd be viable if so. But if, man, that's a deal.

Hello, i'm developer in the IT Team of mangopay, and the Credit card fees are included in 1.8%.


Have you guys looked into Bitcoin at all? Any plans on integrating it in the future?

Nice idea. Can I use MangoPay for a betting platform?

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