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Omelette: Simple Autocompletion Helper for Node.js (github.com)
38 points by fatiherikli 1634 days ago | hide | past | web | 27 comments | favorite

Ok - nice functionality, but why is it called Omellete exactly? Am I the only one that is getting tired of projects whose names mean nothing? Cucumber anyone?

Just be glad he took it before someone came along with omellete.ly, a new service that brings social to commandline arguments.

On a serious note, I think it's a smart move to use a name like this, or something like Carrotjuice.js or MochaDB. Names are important and so are the trends that accompany them.

I'll accept (begrudgingly so) cutesy names. I take issue with simple nouns that could be an obvious thing but are taken by another project because they're easy to remember.

Example: "bingo" Node module. I was thinking of building a simple Bingo game app using Socket.IO, and creating a module that lets it be included in an app. The name is already taken, by a module for .. testing function calls. May be a great project, but how is "bingo" better than "function-introspection". Modules names are pretty much domain squatting.

Next language that comes out with a module system I should grab names like "database" and make the modules randomly post obscenities to Twitter or something equally unrelated.

Reminds me of http://jacquesmattheij.com/The+worst+program+I+ever+worked+o...:

> Some bug had popped up in this program and the guy assigned to fix it had come back alternatively laughing and crying babbling nonsense about ‘pizzas calling hamburgers and passing booze’.... The software this guy left behind did not have any logic bombs or other nasty tricks in it, it compiled just fine, and besides that one bug it seemed to work fine as well. Imagine this though: every function and variable name in the program was named after food.

My assumption was a pun, "I'm a let you finish => "Omelet you finish"

Wow that's cool! :)

It's just a name. I'm not good at finding cool names for projects. :( And "complete" is reserved in NPM. Nightly name. :)

I thought it might've been because omelette is a pain in the ass to spell. In fact I could've used an auto-complete when typing this comment.

Hah, I like that concept. If the author is interested in renaming, there are a lot of ones here that would make good names for this project: http://oxforddictionaries.com/words/common-misspellings

Though its probably a bit too late for that now ;-)

How about dyslexia? :)

How about "cli-completion"?

You don't need a "cool name"; you need to communicate clearly. Code communicates.

Think spoken language. There's a reason why street slang suggests (wrongly or not) that the speaker is less educated.

The use of the animated gif as part of the github readme seems quite ingenious to me. I don't think I have seen that idea in other github repos. And for a project like this its the perfect introduction. I wonder what tool did he use for this.

Quicktime Screen Recording and Mov to Gif online converter.

Which online converter did you use? What I like is that your animated gif ended up being quite small (15 sec => 600KB) enough so as you don't feel bad including it in your repo.

Perfect, You now have copycats: https://github.com/ogt/boxchareditor

That seems beautiful! :)

Sorry to be so naive but what is this meant for? As in where all could I use this?

Anywhere you are accepting command line arguments. You might not know about bash-completion even if you are a basic shell user; I know in Debian, it's necessary to install the package "bash-completion" and un-comment a few lines in /etc/bash.bashrc to enable it.

Basic bash completion looks for files in the filesystem. The bash-completion package provides hints so that you can auto-complete semantically, for example

  $ apt-get up<tab><tab>
  update   upgrade

  $ apt-get install bash<tab><tab>
  bash             bash-builtins    bashburn
  bash-completion  bashdb           bash-doc

Ah I get it. Thanks. I barely touch these stuff... hence not aware of it. Thanks for the insight.

It's a helper to build CLI (bash, zsh) tools with autocompletion feature using Node.js. You can use it when you are building a CLI tool with Node.

You can reach NPM page from https://npmjs.org/package/omelette

looks good! keep up your good work.

fantastic work!

thank you! please contribute!

awesome :)

good job

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