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Falsely accused student of Boston attacks confirmed dead (bbc.co.uk)
19 points by gadders 1426 days ago | hide | past | web | 10 comments | favorite

This is pretty slanted. The man had been missing for over a month and had to be identified with dental records. Obviously he was dead long before getting accused. There's no need to make this more than it is.

That said, Reddit did overstep its bounds but lets not continue this trend of false accusations and blame reddit for this.

Went missing two weeks before the attacks...

Heartbreaking story. Law enforcement may very well be the worst form of justice, except for all of the rest...

Hopefully next time a bunch of redditors decide to 'help' the authorities it'll get shut down before there is damage.

What a waste and what a pity. Makes you wonder what the liabilities are here, I sincerely doubt an apology will be enough to cover the damage.

I believe he went missing and was almost certainly dead before the bombings. I suspect the reddit witch-hunt had nothing to do with his death, although something to do with how his family feels now.

> I believe he went missing and was almost certainly dead before the bombings.

In a strange way that would be the best possible outcome. I'd really hate for this to have happened as a consequence of a bunch of vigilante activity on a forum. And even if he was dead because of other causes that still makes me wonder if it should be legally permissible to stir up an unsanctioned witch hunt. It's not at all inconceivable that such an activity would lead to mob (in)justice.

> I believe he went missing and was almost certainly dead before the bombings.

I haven't been following the story that closely, but I'm amazed that this is the first time I'd heard that reddit likely had nothing to do with his disappearance. From what I've skim-read, the story was "reddit wrongly accuses guy, guy goes missing, now he's dead. Nice job reddit".

PS: I will reply to your email one day really I will.

His public identity for the preceding month or so was "missing Brown University student". It was all over the alumni and university networks on Facebook and other places.

He got more famous once he was erroneously accused of being the second bomber due to a faint resemblance, but by that time he was probably already dead.

The article doesn't mention anything on date and time of death. Got any source?

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