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How To Create an Ownership Mentality on Your Team (thedailymuse.com)
11 points by MMcCreery 1694 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

The easiest way to get a team invested in their work is to make them invested in their work. Smart people want actual ownership and a real say in the projects they are working on.

This article is a joke.

You must be advocating that to confer real ownership, people need to invest by purchasing a stake in what they work on. Just like a real owner, they will not necessarily have a salary and may be required to dip into their savings and increase their investment in order to cover losses in the business.

Are you sure that's what most people want? Or do they want to make a substantial guaranteed salary plus have all the upside of profit sharing, while taking on none of the risks? Those who prefer the former should be founders in their own startup where the reward is proportional to the risk.

Most smart people confident in their skills would be happy with profit sharing and/or real equity in their work. Even founders draw a (quite substantial) salary.

The word "ownership" implies "owning" something.

I agree with you on what ownership means. And who wouldn't want to be a post-funding owner where they can draw a nice salary and where the only thing they risk is their time and other people's money? Few want to take on pre-funding ownership where the starting salary is $0.

step 1: give actual ownership.

^ Better advice in fewer words.

Yes, the article only talks about what managers and company wants from employees - get them to do more and more work, put more hours by selling bs of "ownership", which even they don't understand what it means.

What sort of sorcery has gotten this on the front page? The article is ridiculous and the website hurts my sensibilities. WTH?

I think I used that stock photo on a client's website once. It was the cheapest "teamwork" photo.

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