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Show HN: For Twitter lovers - AirTweet (airtweet.com)
19 points by Sharma 1427 days ago | hide | past | web | 10 comments | favorite

Funny , one of our user made a similar app on Webshell.io mixing Twitter API and tts (Text To Speach) API,


(you need to Github connect before to access his repo, then click on run, then Twitter connect of course for your own feed)

If you don't want signup or connect: You can also try directly the script in the console tour at the bottom of http://webshell.io homepage by copy pasting


Nice I will check this out to see what tts API he used.

Ok, so same service. Meanwhile I tried above link on my iPad and it showed me a blank page.

I did pretty much that. However my version features a COW that reads tweets; a platypus that displays user's info; a snail that shows images and a turtle that plots the tweet on a map.


Nice -:) And in real life I have same initials as your HN handle(MS).

I think replacing the URL with "link" was the right move, but I'd kill it (and the pronounciation of "http") entirely...because, what's the point?

I thought that would give user a sense of completeness. But thanks for your feedback and I (will remove it if we get more vote for this.

I didn't hear a thing.

From Android phone

Did you click play button?.. I have tested it on iPhone and it works.

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