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Docker releases version 0.2.0 (github.com)
89 points by shykes 1668 days ago | hide | past | web | 34 comments | favorite

You guys have fixed every single frustration or oddity I experienced when playing with docker just a week or two ago:

    * localhost access.
    * re-attaching to terminal.
    * set your own port.
Brilliant work guys!

Thanks :) Make sure to +1 requests that you want to see next, so we can prioritize accordingly!

Just did on the REST API suggestion! I noticed you mentioned a half-baked proof of concept, if you decide to publish the branch I wouldn't mind hacking on it. :-)

"you can now choose between Debian, Ubuntu, Centos, Gentoo, Arch Linux and Busybox as the base layer for building your containers."

Now this is great. Using this instead of VMs is a win.

I will be pleased when Exherbo is added to the list.

(Although 90% of the fun I had with exherbo was struggling to get the systemd in place, and that's nullified in a docker system since docker replaces init to run a single process _other than_ init)

EDIT: I guess now I'm volunteering to try and put Exherbo on the list.

I thought that Exherbo was very diy-oriented distro with with the assumption that users will package their own packages if the need arises.

Yeah, so? If it's a monstrous undertaking just to get the system to first boot, how does that help anyone? :)

I think that cave is just as useful without init, and I think that most people who want to package something in paludis are not going to be having boot dependencies (on average I would guess at least 50% of apps are not services. I don't have any hard statistics and that number could be high or low.)

I've been thinking about "dockerizing" my application. How do I "get in touch" about that?


You can join the irc channel, or send a message on the google group, or create an issue on github to describe your use case and ask for advice, or even just email me at solomon@dotcloud.com. Or you if you happen to be in San Francisco on May 2nd, you can drop by the dotCloud HQ for the Docker hack day.

Is there ever a chance to not require aufs? I'd like to use docker on Fedora and maybe even CentOS for fun (managing various containers for some open sauce stuff I maintain), but would prefer to do it without needing aufs.

We're seriously looking into btrfs/zfs/qcow etc. Not 100% sure how to get multi-layered mounts and easy export of changes as tarballs.. Hard to beat aufs on those fronts. But we need to make it easier to install on redhat-land, one way or the other.

I encourage you to +1 the relevant issues so we can prioritize!

Hmm, I want to try it out now, but checking out the repo gives me a bunch of files. Why do I need Vagrant/VirtualBox for this? I thought the whole point was that I would use it to replace VBox?

You don't need virtualbox or vagrant, but you do need a Linux machine. So if you are running a Mac or Windows machine, Virtualbox/vagrant is a convenient way to get a linux machine up and running.

Docker itself is just one binary. Here are instructions to get started: http://docker.io/gettingstarted

Thanks, I realized that later (I just cded into the dir and built it). I got some errors after downloading the image, however. I assume it's because I'm on the 3.5 kernel rather than 3.8.

What kind of errors? On kernel < 3.8 docker will print a warning because of a known kernel bug. You may or may not hit the bug on 3.5 depending on your hardware configuration. If you do, you'll know: the kernel will panic ;)

Oh, it wasn't a kernel panic, thankfully :) I closed the window now, but, after downloading the image, I got some errors like "improper file permissions" and "bsdtar exiting".

Sorry I can't provide the exact errors, but if I run it it has to download the entire thing again.

Are you using btrfs, by any chance? Docker currently doesn't support it: https://github.com/dotcloud/docker/issues/339

That'd be it! Thanks, although it's too bad I can't use docker.

Does anyone know if Docker runs on a 32-bit ubuntu host?

Not yet... We're sticking to x86_64 for now to maintain focus. Once we've nailed the experience on 1 arch we will extend to more.

Awesome work, Solomon & team. Just to add that I have a bunch of 32-bit that this I would love to use this on. Looks like a potential game-changer, imo. Thanks so much for sharing.


We couldn't be happier to have Solomon as a speaker at our conference in Paris on June 7: http://dotscale.eu

See you there :-)

Hey everyone, as usual thanks for the great feedback. If you want to keep talking I encourage you to drop by our IRC channel - #docker@freenode.

So, what is Docker and why should we care about a 0.x release? Yes, I looked at the link and no, I was not much the wiser, something to do with virtualization perhaps?

If you click on the project name at the top of the page, you'll find a README which starts with:

Docker complements LXC with a high-level API which operates at the process level. It runs unix processes with strong guarantees of isolation and repeatability across servers.

Docker is a great building block for automating distributed systems: large-scale web deployments, database clusters, continuous deployment systems, private PaaS, service-oriented architectures, etc.

For a lot of people that's not terribly helpful. Before I heard of Docker I had never heard of LXC.

Maybe, "Docker is a system for creating and deploying self-contained application packages for Linux," except I'm pretty sure "application package" is the wrong phrase. But that's the gist of why it's interesting, IMHO.

I agree the wording is not super approachable. We have plans to change that :)

I found your 5-minute video at docker.io much easier to understand—great presentation!

It looks to be similar to freeBSD jails

Actually, Docker is like a manager of FreeBSD jails :-) LXC is like FreeBSD jailing.

Correct! In fact there is interest in porting docker to freebsd jails. Ping me if you're interested!

Can I use this on arch without rebuilding a new kernel yet?

I haven't tried personally, but here are the latest instructions: http://docs.docker.io/en/latest/installation/archlinux/

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