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Guys, Skype is owned by Microsoft, and the Linux version hasn't been touched in like 2 years. I'm frankly not surprised it's b0rked.

So... yes, the user should use software that isn't deprecating support for their platform.

They are releasing steady updates for it. 4.1 came out Nov 2012. That's hardly 2 years. That's after the last Ubuntu release. And it's fully supported for the platform. What are you talking about?

Well that's news to me. The last I looked was before November, I guess, and before that it still had the same old crufty UI from like 5 years ago. The userbase had been pretty up-in-arms about it for a while too: http://community.skype.com/t5/Linux/Vote-here-for-linux-skyp...

Edit: also, they're still sitting on version 5, which introduced group video calling. It's a pretty sad situation overall.

Much as I can't stand to say something nice about Microsoft, the Skype updates at least on Ubuntu 12.04 have worked fine.

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