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Show HN: Finding the colours of the web (webcolourdata.com)
128 points by riblah 1520 days ago | hide | past | web | 26 comments | favorite

The colours of the internet aggregated: http://webcolourdata.com/profile/129

Planning on adding duplicate checking!

What's going on?

Maresca found the color data for the webcolourdata.com page, then found the color data for that color data page, etc, etc.

Take a look at the thumbnail and you'll notice it's an image inside an image inside an image...

Ok... so I haven't had to handle this much traffic before, bear with me!

Design is fantastic. I actually will try using this site!

I saved a bookmark for when your bandwidth isn't on fire ;)

Hm, it is dismissing white (and black?) while I find those colours often very important to a site's look. Think Facebook, it is white and blue.

Including the colour outside the primary content area wouldn't be very accurate, since this is dependent on the viewer's screen resolution. For example, viewing Facebook on a widescreen display yields significantly more white than on a non-widescreen display.

I'm keeping white/black and greytones out for now. White/light greys are especially hard... how would you differentiate between the content and the background?

It's definitely on the list of things to address.

Any chance of open sourcing? I'm interested in the algorithm. Is it quantizing to a more limited bit depth and taking say, top 5ish via mode?

I do plan on open sourcing. A little self conscious about the code as I'm more of a designer, but watch this space.

At the moment it's quantizing down to 40 colours with a tree depth of 4, I then pull the top 12.

A border?

This is like an interactive version of www.brandcolors.net. Very nice!

Is it ignore background-colors? Firefox is primarily green on this but of course the large button is there but the overall theme of the site seems to be that shade of blue


seems to be getting the mobile version of our site (http://webcolourdata.com/profile/4170). It's done on viewport width, not UA sniffing.

This is great! Are you planning on exposing an API? Would love to add this to https://starthq.com

Eventually! Good to know that someone would use it.

It seem to pick up gradients too: http://webcolourdata.com/profile/816

Very neat. Bookmarked it! Now keep it up and going. Github link?

My logo is orange, and I don't care.

Interal Server Error :(

Keep trying... the Heroku app seems to be getting hammered


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