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The only time you're ever allowed to start music on a home page (thesixtyone.com)
31 points by jmtame on April 14, 2009 | hide | past | favorite | 16 comments

I've loved thesixtyone since the moment I came across the site. It's exactly what music needs in the digital age. I've been exposed to so much more independent music than would have ever been possible without this site. I completely agree with the previous comments about the interface -- It's fantastic. Everything is very pleasing, responsive and intuitive!

Also, I love the ability to keep navigating without losing the currently playing track. This seems like a basic, necessary UI trope for any sort of temporal media.

sort of on topic but playlist.com really has an amazing user experience (in the music space). Songs keep playing while browsing, and even if you are not logged in and a song is playing, if you want to add it to your playlist, you can click add, it iwill log you in, add the song, all while the song plays. Great stuff.

(IIRC playlist is a YC alumn)

Um. The first tune rocked my socks off, and I'm gonna let the next one play too.

yeah, we're experimenting. i understand both of the for/against autoplay arguments. it gets trickier when you realize how you can easily confuse your users a/b testing this type of thing.

Don't autoplay, and feature a prominent (read: huge) play button.

It looks like a great concept, but the Flash player keeps stuttering :(

that's weird. what browser are you using?

Opera 9, Linux. I use the (experimental) Flash 10 64-bits plugin, so it's probably something to do with that (although I used to have similar problems and crashes to boot with Flash 9 voor 32-bits systems).

I'll try with Firefox just to be sure.

that sounds like the culprit. thanks for the additional info.

I've experimented a bit. Interesting enough I couldn't get Firefox to work with Flash at all. Silly.

I've "downgraded" to the 32-bit version of Flash 10 (the one installed by the Ubuntu package), it had the same results for both Firefox and Opera. The stuttering seems to happen mostly because my browser is busy or something. If I put it in a background tab, it stutters more. If I use my browser it stutters more.

Anyway, it seems to be a Flash problem, so I don't think it's anything you can solve :-(

sudo renice -19 `pgrep operapluginwrap` helps a bit. Still isn't completely gone though.

I think zombo.com is the other time you're allowed to do it.

that feedback type looks alot like facebook logo

This is a very dynamic start-up. Two weeks ago they announced they changed their brand from thesixtyone to thesixtynine, because they thought it would be more memorable. (See http://thesixtyone.tumblr.com/post/91817637/reinventing-the-...) It looked kinda odd, having a "69" icon in my bookmarks toolbar.

Anyway, they appeared to have returned to the old brand now. Great site, though :)

Despite the publishing date being March 31st it seems that was an April Fool's joke. http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=541446

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