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So, what do you make of the new logo, beyond a new typeface and flat, stacked colors in a vaguely rounded square shape?

Suggests an iWatch at $199 released July 24th, an Apple TV (two sizes) at $699 later in the year and a brand new Mac Pro. Oh and completely flat design of iOS.

It'd be great timing for them to release a new Mac Pro.

But it's been great timing for a new Mac Pro for a long time.

This is genius!

I wouldn't read too much into it.

Check out the design of last year's invite: http://macosrumors.com/2012/04/25/apple-wwdc-2012-june/

Very colorful, many different colors of rounded squares, in many different sizes.

Everyone thought the design and colors of the invite was some kind of hint at a new product. There was a lot of speculation that we would be seeing iPhones in different colors (besides black and white). There was speculation that this would hint at some kind of new design trend for iOS, some people thought it had something to do with a TV, etc. And we have seen how that turned out....

I am guessing a bold, colourful change to the UI for both iOS/OSX. Something like this:


Given that Ive is now in charge of UX as well he will want/need to differentiate himself from Forstall. And iOS/OSX are definitely due for a major overhaul.

The shape resembles current app icons. Might refer to a flat iOS 7 design.

It's nice. Colourful. Hard to read much into it though.

Pretty sure its a nod back to the old apple colours? http://edibleapple.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/apple_rain...

The corner radius is too big for app icons... though it does resemble the corner radius of the Apple TV. Perhaps an Apple TV SDK?

It looks like a stack of app icons. There's color and there's transparency. I'd think it hints at new looks of iOS.

Multi-color iPhone 6/5S is my guess.

Something about AppleTV

Really? Perhaps so, but seems a stretch to me. When's the last time anyone bought a square TV?

True, re dimensions

It is shaped like the dimensions of the current AppleTV product.

I think that's incidental, it's also shaped like the icons on iOS.

I agree... corner radius is too large for app icons. Apple TV SDK would be my guess

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