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Everyone, we are listening! We are throwing around new names but they all suck. Any ideas?

Since this is a small library the name should be descriptive. Unicorn and all the other animal names are fun, but should probably be reserved for large projects that aren't small building blocks.

Reading through the site I'm reminded of 5th Element's 'multipass'. You get a common REST syntax to transfer data across several languages. Playing off that could be fun; Multirest, Multiquest, etc.

Also, something with the Babel fish (The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy) could work; Babelrest, Babelquest...

There are plenty of names available that are somewhat related to unicorn, allowing you to keep the site design and pretty much everything else. Here are a few:

- Alicorn (what a unicorn's horn is made of, apparently)

- Oryx (An antelope-like creature that has a unicorn-ish horn and actually exists)

- Eland (another antelope-like creature that has two horns, but apparently is worshipped by tribes people)

- Unico (a cartoon unicorn)

- Peggy (another unicorn name)

- Camphurch (type of unicorn. ugly.)

- Ki-Lin (a chinese unicorn made of two separate unicorns)

Hope these help. Alicorn and Oryx are my favorites.

Centaur, Minotaur, Pegasus, Satyr, Gryphon...

If you want to go with Gryphon, here's a nice piece of open-source artwork: http://units.wesnoth.org/trunk/pics/core$images$portraits$mo...

Wow, are you sure this is open-source? We are going over names and this one seems the fastest to replace unicorn with.

Yeah, it's from Battle for Wesnoth (www.wesnoth.org), all of their core artwork is GPL2 licensed. If I remember right, there is some talk in their forums encouraging other open source games to use their artwork. If you are interested you ought to look around their community for the right person to ask permission.

EDIT: Found a related forum discussion: http://forums.wesnoth.org/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=34892&...

Thanks so much! We ended up going with Unirest, which we think is a great fit for the project. I just wanted to say I appreciate your help.

Ok! Now you know where to get the artwork if you ever want to name an open source project "Gryphon" ;)

Thank you _so_ much. A renaming will really help set your projects apart.

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