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I'm going to operate completely under the assumption that the library authors didn't choose the Unicorn name with intentional malice, and that their motivations were entirely benevolent. It looks like a nice enough library, congrats on all of your hard work.

That said, this name is going to foster a lot of ill will in the community, for all of the reasons already mentioned:




Additionally, as has been mentioned, the GitHub Angry Unicorn, whether permission was given or not, is most likely related to the fact that GitHub uses the Unicorn Rack server and are proponents of the software. In addition, the Ruby port of this library presents itself as "unicorn-rest", which could very easily be interpreted as either disingenuous or as a form of "coat-tail riding" off the name/notoriety of the existing Unicorn.

Ill will with the Ruby community, maybe, but fuck 'em. As long as it's unique in the Maven namespace, I don't care and neither should they/you.

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