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Hey Cameron, it's sad to see Kera shut down, there were some really neat ideas in there. On the other hand, I'm pleased to see that you guys have seen an idea through until it either succeeded or failed. There are too many long-running projects in Toronto, ideas on never ending life support, never allowed to succeed nor fail, kept alive by either consulting or government support. I think if we took bigger risks and cycled through a variety of ideas faster (even if they fail fast), we might have a better chance at attracting more money to this city. Getting clueful investors here is very difficult, as I'm sure you have learned.

I would love to see you guys write more about your story. Good luck with your next idea.

Hey Maciek,

Thanks so much for the kind words. I totally get your point about the TO zombies, but on the other hand, companies like Nulayer are actually doing great work and are getting rewarded for hard work with success.

Here's to trying again.

Curious, what are some Toronto startups you think are on never ending life support?

That's dangerous ground Rahil - you should post an "Ask HN" instead of turning this into a shit-talk-a-thon.

You're right, oversight on my part.

All the best with your next venture Max.

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