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You don’t have to know anything about commercial real estate
on April 22, 2013 | hide
In fact, we prefer if you don’t.

At 42Floors, we’re making it easier to search for office space. In the last year, we have launched our search site in San Francisco and New York. We’ve helped 1,000+ companies find 2 million+ square feet of office space. We’ve raised $17M from industry leaders.

And all of this has been done by a bunch of people that know almost nothing about commercial real estate. In fact, the first seven people in the company had never done any commercial real estate work at all before starting 42Floors.

But we like that. Because we’re not trying to make this industry a little bit better, we’re totally flipping it on its head. Believe it or not, commercial real estate as an entire industry has still not undergone even the most simple of internet transformations. Right now, in 2013, you can’t search for commercial real estate online. It’s crazy actually.

To actually transform this industry, we need people who are not educated in how the industry has performed up until now. In fact, the actual skill you need is the skill of transformation. Of revolution. Of being able to see the world in a totally different light. We look for people who aren’t confined by what has been, as if it’s all that could ever be. We look for people that have the confidence (and at times blind faith) to believe that transparency will eventually win.

If you want to work for us and know absolutely nothing about commercial real estate, that’s actually good thing. For now.

Once you get the job, you don’t get to stay naïve. You have to be willing to work hard. You have to enjoy learning for learning’s sake. That means talking to tenants, brokers, and landlords. That means going on tours and reading leases. You can get up to speed quickly, if you work at it. We know, because that’s what each one of us had to do when we started.

It’s invigorating to learn about an entirely new industry. To see nothing but opportunity everywhere you look. People like us are drawn to problems. Hard problems. Actually, it’s a bit of an addiction. And we have the audacity to think we can accomplish anything.

It’s time to come talk to us. We need more people like you.


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