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As we are not organic beings, clearly it would be foolish of us to accept such unnecessary inefficiencies.

I agree with the second part of your statement. Why not make things more efficient where we can?

The main reasons are:

1) Because it isn't always worth the cost

2) Because we don't always fully understand the systems we are modifying

Which hearkens back to, "Don't fix it if it ain't broke". Inefficient is not automatically broke.

In this case I don't think that these reasons apply. Introducing a VSRE on the initiator side, or a Short Response, Not An Asshole on the responding side would be a worthwhile change with a manageable side effect.

Don't fix it if it ain't broke seems to run counter to innovation. I'd try for improvement on a functional system if there's a positive expected outcome.

> Short Response, Not An Asshole

Heh. Forget IANAL; we need IANAA.

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