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A Social Coding Experiment (github.com/sricola)
99 points by sricola on April 22, 2013 | hide | past | favorite | 39 comments

Disappointed that someone hasn't already slipped in:

exec requests.get('http://http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=fun_harmless_social_con...).content

I'm interested in where this goes, if it goes anywhere. Seems like a cool concept, but only if the functions interact, and build upon one and other, not just print "Hi this is quaz3l! I defined a variable!".

Taken to its logical conclusion, it will produce Emacs.

It will just expand until it can read mail.

I hope no one adds the 'M-x skynet' mode, or we're all screwed.

But we need of course C-x M-c M-butterfly [1].

[1] http://xkcd.com/378/

Emacs has included M-x butterfly since version 23.1 [1]

[1] http://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/NEWS.23.1

I'm sure we'll be fine: http://xkcd.com/1046/

Unless someone manages to figure out what the save the world button is.

And evolve into a web framework, which will eventually be ported as a Node module.

I originally wanted to write an `incr(x)` function which increments a variable. However, it seemed to me that we needed to "print" something, so I think I added to the confusion by making a graffiti of sorts.

propbably taken down after someone posts copyrighted code

I can say I was initially not convinced this would take off. 175 pull requests later I've changed my tune. Now that we know there is a large talent pool interested in such a task, I wonder how much structure could be added before interest starts to subside. Surely something fantastic could come of this, but we just proved it needs a bit more direction.

sadly after 65 commits no one fixed the typo:


    #       - Add a funtion with your github name as its name.
that 'funtion' should be 'function'

> sadly...

Did that really make you sad?

This cannot end well.

Someone should make a function that mines a trivial amount of bitcoin

Unfortunately that's not really feasible without being part of a Mining pool: it simply takes too long until you make a block.

[1](bitcoin mining is granular and not continuous https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Mining_Pool)

What, no tests!? Just kidding. We don't need no stinkin tests.

  File "./socode.py", line 297
    print ', '.join(contributors_list) 
IndentationError: unexpected indent

I fixed this :)

yeah, choosing to do this in python might not have been the best idea.

yes :(

Disappointed that people with numeric usernames cannot participate because numbers are not function names.

Nothing stops you from prefixing your function with an underscore.

I've never used Python but looking through the code I think I'm starting to pick it up a little bit.

Think this maybe the first repo I've seen with more forks (224) than stars (132)

anyone want to help with the merges? hit me up - sri [dot] umd [at] gmail

The first time i have my pull request approved on Github. LOL

And lisp will be there

I hope so. Once I'm done my exam I plan to add a super small lisp interpreter.

Is it possible to give everyone push access?

I just pinged github/twitterverse to see if they have any ideas.

Create a new GitHub account, give it write access to the repo, generate a fresh RSA keypair, post the private key.

a lot of open pull requests...

could use some help, want to pitch in and help? I'll make you an admin.

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