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This is what I use Jabber for--Jabber messages have an implicit VSRE attached. In practice, it's just like email except that the replies are usually short. For me, Jabber messages get delivered to the same places on both my computer and phone, and take about the same amount of effort to respond to.

It has the added benefit of potentially being a real-time conversation as well--this sometimes happens with a flurry of short emails, but it's much more awkward.

I was hoping Google Wave would take off an neatly combine the two. But it never did :(.

Jabber (or any other IM) carries an implicit expectation of synchronicity though. When i get an IM, i assume it requires an immediate response. A VSRE email would require a short response at your convenience.

> I was hoping Google Wave would take off an neatly combine the two.

This is the best thing about Facebook messages: they’re hafway between chat and email and a conversation can seamlessly morph from one form to the other and back.

Facebook messages suck.

- You can't read them without announcing that you did. - FB parses and might even censor you message if it contains blacklisted domains.

I actually really like facebook messages (except for the security issues); I tend to use them for social messages with my facebook friends (which is essentially a superset of my real life friends). I use it to message my girlfriend (tied with iMessage) about "when do you want me to pick you up from work", etc.

(The obnoxious thing is that both of our phones are Verizon iPhones; there's no simultaneous voice and data, and unlike me, she tends to do long voice calls with people. I'm trying to get her to switch to a SIP client, so we can do G.722 wideband and crypto/vpn on the voice too, and non-extortionate international long distance.)

security issues?

You can have them forwarded to real email, which doesn't announce that it's been read.

Why do you want to hide that you red the message ? Is it when you would like to ignore the sender but are too curious and would like to know what message he sent you ?

Also because people that know you have read the message will sometimes expect a reply straight away or will think you are ignoring them.

Exactly. Facebook knows that, and I imagine that's why they implemented this "receiver has read the message" as a way to pressure everyone to keep replying right away.

Yes you can. That is a feature that is completely able to be turned off.

How? I was only able to find browser extensions (i.e, hacks) to disable this "feature".

They ask in the fb app before doing it. I assume you can say no there.

I don't know about the site itself, I really only interact via my phone.

You could always use something like ShortMail. It's basically Twitter, but for email.

It's been around long enough now that you probably don't have to worry about it going away anytime soon, and its users really like it.

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