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You could probably call it a meat-level communication hack or something.

I like it, but I'd probably use it in the subject line. Similar to how some people use <EOM> to signal that an email has no body.

Now let's see if it gains traction.

Also, if you write "EOM" in the subject, GMail won't complain about sending an email with no body.

I still end up having to explain eom half the time.. kind of kills the intended brevity.

I wonder if we could also request a RAQE without being rude.. (response to all questions expected). My pet email hate.

"I still end up having to explain eom half the time.. kind of kills the intended brevity."

this is why i posed the question. how many people can the author honestly expect to reach through hn and twitter or blog to make this new acronym widespread enough to actually save time. if you want a short reply just add it to your signature, "please reply briefly"

The trouble with EOM is that you still need to click on the email you received to un-bold it. EOM or not, you are still opening it.

If you read your email on a desktop, or from the the gmail website I would definitely recommend learning the keyboard shortcuts so you don't have to click. In just a few seconds I can star all the ones in my inbox that I plan to read, and archive the rest including the EOM short mails. I do end up archiving a lot of unread mail this way but that rarely bothers me when searching for old mail.

Check if your client has keyboard shortcuts that can mark-as-read from the inbox summary. I know gmail and gnus both support it.

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