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Play an accordion recording by resizing your browser window (artpolikarpov.github.io)
242 points by huskyr 1556 days ago | hide | past | web | 45 comments | favorite

1. Register domain accordionfy.com or accordion.io.

2. Put a lading page to collect emails in it. Link to this demo.

3. Include the copy "Accordionfy.com is aiming to disrupt the accordion industry by leveraging the web stack to deliver an life-like accordion experience to anyone with an internet connection."

4. Under the copy include: "We are currently raising seed investment."

5. Write 3 blog posts a day about anything but accordions.

6. Tweet about accordion-first startups.

7. Apply to YC and then complain about how PG hates accordions.

8. Buy a black hoodie and an airplane ticket to SF.

9. Go to every startup event in SF.

10. Tell people how much traction you got from the HN post.

11. Rinse and repeat #9 && #10 for 3 months.

12. Make a blog post about how you failed, and how it taught you that startups are hard. Never thinking about that you were trying to sell a fucking accordion in a web browser.

13. Get acquired by Yahoo! for 15 Million dollars.

In all seriousness, I love this.

I don't know if you can call it 'play' when you are only influencing if the accordion is sounding or not. I would call it 'listening' to accordion by resizing your browser window. I understand that if the user did have control it would not sound as good, but you could do it.

The size of the window vertically would control the pitch, so if I have a small sliver vertically it should be high pitched and if my browser window is tall(vertically) it should be low pitched.

The speed of the change in size horizontally should be how fast the air passes through the instrument.

If I have it vertically large and slowly drag it to the left it should let out a low drone, if I go quickly it should be a low burst, etc.

Still very cool!

Resizing a real accordion only influences volume, i.e. the harder you push/pull the faster air flows over the reeds. And you inevitably get no air flow at all when you switch between pulling and pushing the bellows, so you have to time this right. It's a fascinating instrument.

And then you could map the keyboard to the rest of the inputs, and have a workable instrument....that 'fork on github' link is tempting.

It really needs an accordion soft-synth, and when you change direction (and/or when you start to slow down?), to play the next note in the song... as you said, with volume depending on movement speed (and maybe current position also affecting the sound a little). In short, what we need is an VST to javascript bridge haha.

And then make a litte plugin out of it, so this can be put on all websites; using a canonical CDN location would even mean everybody has it cached all the time, so there'd be no downside to doing that.

I have been wondering what the web 3.0 would look like for a while now, but I asked the wrong question.... what does it sound like, that is what matters.

This is simultaneously one of the most ridiculous and most awesome things I've seen.

Well. My speakers were at full volume and I'm in the middle of an office with 400 people.

I'm off to hang myself.

I do believe the title was pretty clear as to the effect of this webpage...

True. Unfortunately Firefox had a bit of a moment to itself and did the looping sample thing, then hung while playing.

It was so loud. There was no escape.

Had to pull the battery to end the ordeal.

Hurry, send the link to someone else!


My first impression was that Play related to the framework or just meaning something games related and that accordion meant the UI element e.g. http://jqueryui.com/accordion/. I think the title is fine, but I wasn't expecting music at first either.

It says "Accordion recording" not "accordion web element". But yah it's about as obvious as it can get.

I'm pretty sure it did not say recording in the original title.

Exactly why any sort of autoplay on the page is bad.

Only a matter of time before someone makes this with a slide trombone.

This would be cooler if there is a way to actually _play_ the accordion. For example, map keyboard keys to the keys on the accordion. :-)

This should be built directly into every browser and happen every time the window is resized.

You know, you are exactly right, someone should file this https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/

This works really well with Firefox's responsive mode... Press Cmd+Alt+M on OS X (and the equivalent on other OS's).

Wait, Firefox has a special mode for resizing page... In Opera it's just Arrange-Restore in context menu of tab.

It allows you to resize the view without resizing the window, and has a dropdown list of standard screen sizes for phones, tablets, laptops etc.

Shift+Ctrl+M on Linux (Ubuntu 12.10 here).

This is especially fun if you have Slate installed: https://github.com/jigish/slate

This made me smile and I have no idea why.

I wonder is there is an easy way to map the song, note by note, so it can respond better in relation to how the browser is resized. Good work!

Whatever is triggering sounds by resize should also be able to query the width of the window and serve a sound accordingly, but then it comes close to actual work instead of a cool demo.

that is adorkable.

You are just playing a recording, the user doesn't "play an accordion" by resizing the window, and it is really uninteresting.

You must be fun at parties.

I might not be, but I also don't post on Hacker news saying that I am.

wow, i'm surprisingly good at it!

Pretty cool and creative stuff

What's the name of the music this is playing?

Love a great terrible project. Nice job!

Is this related to the other HN thread "I Knew a Programmer that Went Completely Insane"?

I LOL'd.

This cheered up my Friday afternoon.

does not work on firefocks

you are a genius

Ha ha ha, awesome :D

and a very nice choice of accordion music too.

that is so funny. made my day.


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