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That would be sweet. I'm not sure if scribd has some sort of api, but I would happily set them to convert and drop them in a public folder, could be a lot easier

Here, never mind. I set something up by myself. Here's the link to the folder: http://why.apps.hypeno.de/

If that link doesn't work, then use http://why.attendance.hypeno.de or http://why.dev.brightswipe.com/

ah nice work! the only issue here is the upside down ones, which i fear takes a bit of human touch...

either way, when they are all done, i'll compile them all together into a pdf and post that so it's easy to read through. like a little book : )

Ah, shucks. Right now I'm having some trouble tracking which ones have already been downloaded... so it re-downloads and re-compiles each time. Can I email you to help figure this out?

The simplest solution would be to just add the filenames of the files that's been already downloaded to a file and it checks the file before downloading anything.

Ah, that's true. Oh well! It's working now. Also: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=5575210

Aaaaaand I figured it out again. We're all good!

That would be great. I can make Apache point at a blank folder for downloads. How can I reach you to send you credentials?

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