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>> which is a concern because an English professor finished these

Occupations aren't necessarily a good signal for intelligence or domain expertise... even a patent clerk will surprise you once and a while. ;)

I'm just trolling the STEM grads. I got the professor's permission to do that!

Was he just an English professor , or is there some important qualifier?

Good troll either way.

An English professor of computer science at Cambridge, no doubt. =)

(Not necessarily responding to the parent comment directly.)

The wall between STEM and the humanities is, if not artificial, quite porous, and it's in the interest of every intelligent person to bring it down.

In general, there's been quite a bit of interest in quantitative approaches to the humanities lately. Try googling for J.E.H. Smith's proposal for a data-driven survey of world philosophy, or look into Franco Moretti's work on "distant reading" in Graphs, Maps, Trees. The latter was even profiled in the New York Times Magazine several years ago.

I also like to trot out the example of Hugh Kenner, a protege of Marshall McLuhan who was one of the 20th century's great scholars of Modernism, particularly of Joyce and Pound — and who was also a contributor to Byte.

Pleading the 5th.

I agree. I once asked a mechanic in my military unit a question about a car problem, it quickly turned into an hour-long lecture on thermodynamics and ambient heat. The guy is absolutely brilliant.

Einstein did his best stuff while he was working as a patent clerk.

Yes, his wink smiley makes it likely he was referring to Einstein.

To be honest, I thought he was talking about Bill Watterson.

Depends on what patent applications one gets for review ;)

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