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Okay, now I'm really confused :D

steveklabnik found user thdvl whose is a contributor to http://github.com/cwales/cwales.github.com (the source for whytheluckystiff.net). thdvl's repository http://github.com/thdvl/shore has this eerie little gem.


Edit: Notice the pronunciation of that domain: "The Devil"

Have a look at the pull request notes: https://github.com/cwales/cwales.github.com/pull/3

"What progress, you ask, have I made? … I have begun to be a friend to myself."

A github user thdvl (likely _why) communicating with another github user cwales (also likely _why) saying he's begun to be a friend to himself. Is _why coming to be at peace with himself? So many ways to interpret this art :)

thdvl also changed the SPOOL/SOLICIT file to a bunch of base64, which decodes to a gif image, which is of a QR code that points to the URL http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epistulae_morales_ad_Lucilium

Does anyone know what these characters in the middle mean?

Screenshot: http://d.pr/i/sSLu

(from http://celebsbukkake.com/thdvl/)


watch the fire on the other side of the river, basically it means it's not my problem so LOL


Google Translate says "Standing on the sidelines" (Chinese)

I love the domain choice. I'd say it's a metaphor for what we're doing now.

Folder structure in some repos seems like a game is being built.


Uh, no it doesn't :/ Unless it's unsafe to view abstract images with a bit of sound.

The domain name (celebsbukakke.com) is NSFW (and might get you in trouble if your webfilter picks up on it)

The domain name itself isn't NSFW, it's however used in a NSFW way.

Also the redirect to "celebsbukakke.com/thdvl/". wtf.

(totally sfw, by the way)

(edit: except for everything else on that domain)

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