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What exactly did why do that has earned him this much love and adoration? (Honest question)

I'm working on a project called "decyphering_why" that seeks to explain that. He's an artist who created books, blogs, code, music, videos, and more.

For example when he released the book "why's poignant guide to ruby" (http://mislav.uniqpath.com/poignant-guide/) teaching the Ruby programming language, he released a soundtrack with it as well! Here's my favourite song from that: https://soundcloud.com/wondible/chapter-2-this-book-is-made

Hopefully the primer I'm writing will help for those new to the person that is Why the Lucky Stiff.

I'd call his Poignant Guide less of a tutorial on Ruby and more of an immersive experience. Chunky bacon, indeed.

I'd like to talk to you about this.

A little bit of "you had to be there" (I saw his performance at a RailsConf, for example- it was weird, wonderful, nerdy, and funny all at once)

A lot of his Ruby code was fuckin' genius, too.

There's a documentary being made:


His book's so funny and quirky that it made me forget my troubles for a little while. The world needs more why.

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