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Slightly nicer PDF versions versions of all of them: http://www.scribd.com/collections/4230124/-why-s-return

Just checked this out and it is much nicer! How are you producing these pdfs? I'm using the very low tech method of "print screen" ;)

Get the pcl6 utility.

    pcl6 -dNOPAUSE -sDEVICE=pdfwrite -sOutputFile=out.pdf infile

dphase got it. i'm updating with new ones within 5-10 minutes at the moment to this collection : )

Sorry guys got way behind. Updating with all of the new ones now

EDIT: Updated all the way to the most recent. This is crazy that it's still going...

Friday morning: looks like the spree is over, I'm going to compile them all into a single pdf and post that as well. Will be up in a few minutes

EDIT: nvm, someone else did already. no need to repeat!

jenius, if I provide a VPS, would you be willing to set something up that fetches his spools, turns them into PDFs, and then uploads to that Scribd collection automatically? Or even lets you manually upload them? That would be fantastic.

That would be sweet. I'm not sure if scribd has some sort of api, but I would happily set them to convert and drop them in a public folder, could be a lot easier

Here, never mind. I set something up by myself. Here's the link to the folder: http://why.apps.hypeno.de/

If that link doesn't work, then use http://why.attendance.hypeno.de or http://why.dev.brightswipe.com/

ah nice work! the only issue here is the upside down ones, which i fear takes a bit of human touch...

either way, when they are all done, i'll compile them all together into a pdf and post that so it's easy to read through. like a little book : )

Ah, shucks. Right now I'm having some trouble tracking which ones have already been downloaded... so it re-downloads and re-compiles each time. Can I email you to help figure this out?

The simplest solution would be to just add the filenames of the files that's been already downloaded to a file and it checks the file before downloading anything.

Ah, that's true. Oh well! It's working now. Also: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=5575210

Aaaaaand I figured it out again. We're all good!

That would be great. I can make Apache point at a blank folder for downloads. How can I reach you to send you credentials?

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