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_why is an artist. His work touches people:



And I find my heart suffused with joy, for @_why has returned to us:



An improvement to the world that I was not expecting this morning. Huzzah.



Such a kind thing, to provide the warmth of culture, in this cold, cold place. I'm warmed to the bone by this.

What exactly did why do that has earned him this much love and adoration? (Honest question)

I'm working on a project called "decyphering_why" that seeks to explain that. He's an artist who created books, blogs, code, music, videos, and more.

For example when he released the book "why's poignant guide to ruby" (http://mislav.uniqpath.com/poignant-guide/) teaching the Ruby programming language, he released a soundtrack with it as well! Here's my favourite song from that: https://soundcloud.com/wondible/chapter-2-this-book-is-made

Hopefully the primer I'm writing will help for those new to the person that is Why the Lucky Stiff.

I'd call his Poignant Guide less of a tutorial on Ruby and more of an immersive experience. Chunky bacon, indeed.

I'd like to talk to you about this.

A little bit of "you had to be there" (I saw his performance at a RailsConf, for example- it was weird, wonderful, nerdy, and funny all at once)

A lot of his Ruby code was fuckin' genius, too.

There's a documentary being made:


His book's so funny and quirky that it made me forget my troubles for a little while. The world needs more why.

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