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If anyone's guilty of seeking attention, it's me (who posted this link) and all the people upvoting this. I posted the link. All _why has done is make changes to his website, and I and many others have been following the puzzles he's created.

There's nothing I've done that could command such attention. I suspect the same might be true for you.

All _why has done is make changes to his website

Yes, but knowing full well that they would be read and discussed and linked by thousands of people.

That's the whole point on doing it on his website -- ie on a publication medium. If he did it on his hard drive, nobody would have noticed.

That said, why nobody worries that those sounds like the texts of a depressed man, maybe even someone about to do something D.F Wallace style?

Everybody merely assume this is just playful clues to some cool new project, while they don't read that way to me.

What parts lead you to believe these are words of someone is who about to off themselves? I ask because nothing about the text strikes me as someone who's depressed. It's all a bit absurd, maybe, but I didn't feel sadness.

Well, stuff like:

"Also, is it too late to be real?"

"she did a feature on individuals who had left society and, in the process, had eliminated every trace of themselves."

"Maybe it's me. I'm a relic which is already out of his time in the present age. Maybe I am what is holding things back, maybe I am already not of any relevance. Good things to consider."

"That's a lot, but I think he could have doone it, even alone, even with tuberculosis. Imagine Kafka's fiendish little face rubbing his hands over that fire! Seems fun. Or he could have hidden it inside an old 32-bit PowerPC. No one's going to look there. Just goes to show that you can't trust people who aren't you. Of course he didn't want them burned. That was just Kafka, writing his own death. The ending has his signature on it. Reality's kind of a medium, maybe greater than paper."


_why's stuff has always been dark. In the poignant guide, he talks about suicide.

which could be argued that it's even more reason to be concerned.

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