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Since this is ugly clickbait, here is the "content" of the linked site:

> Create ~/.inputrc and fill it with this:

    "\e[A": history-search-backward

    "\e[B": history-search-forward

    set show-all-if-ambiguous on

    set completion-ignore-case on

> This allows you to search through your history using the up and down arrows … i.e. type "cd /" and press the up arrow and you'll search through everything in your history that starts with "cd /".

clickbait? Are you suggesting that this would've been better as a Show HN post?

I have no problem viewing the site of someone trying to show me something useful.

The title could be factual instead of sensational.

I don't know, when I read the title the first thing my mind jumped to was CTRL-r command searching. I was thrilled to see something similar but better.

For highly subjective definitions of "better", that is.

well from my perspective:

1. I've definitely seen this before, perhaps on reddit

2. You press ctrl-r <type> to search back through history. Fucking around with up key mapping is retarded.

I totally agree with the title, this was the number one issue I had with bash default behavior

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