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Yeah, but the request isn't to include some random language, it's to use the fast implementations of any given language. Why wouldn't you, in a site that benchmarks speed?

I think not to do so is unhelpful, actually -- if you don't realize they're are JITs for Python and Lua that aren't being included in the benchmarks, you will come away with a completely wrong impression about the possible performance of those languages.

edit: what spion said in their comment

Because there was a big spitting match a couple of years ago and it seems the maintainer picked its favorite languages and features and chose to represent (what seems like on purpose) others in a bad light.

    For a couple of years I've wanted to "cull the herd" but
    my curiosity (and interest in promoting experimental
    language implementations) stopped me doing so.

    The most that Alex Gaynor's nonsense did was prompt me
    once more to consider whether the time was ripe.

    Apr 2011

>>Why would you not do that...<<

"Because I want to do fewer chores not more!"

>>a completely wrong impression<<

    "These are not the only compilers and interpreters.
     These are not the only programs that could be written.
     These are not the only tasks that could be solved.
     These are just 10 tiny examples."

Let's say I make a website called the Prettiest Person Game, and I throw up some professional crazy-awesome shots of myself and my buddies, and I also put up all igouy's old driver's license photos, and then create a whole bunch of different ways we can compare these photos and see who's prettier.

And let's say this site becomes really popular. And people start posting articles like, "wow, dilap is like 10x prettier than igouy in ever single way!"

And then igouy's friends go, "whoaaaa, hold on a minute, those are terrible photo's of ioguy! he can really look much better than that!"

And then I'm like, "Hey, I ain't got time for this -- I told you already these are not the only photos in the world. Go take your own photos if you want a different comparison!"

That's what you're saying.

What I'm saying is --


    Measurement is highly specific -- the time taken for
    this benchmark task, by this program, with this
    programming language implementation, with these
    options, on this computer, with these workloads.

In terms of your little make-believe story it's -- "send photos of igouy and you and your buddies, and we'll see which photos are prettier".

But don't send photos of your cousins, and your buddies cousins, and...

I fondly remember The Great Language Shootout by Doug Bagley; I could understand the majority of the problems, there were a lot of languages represented. Good times.

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