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HN Meetup, Bangalore
121 points by ad93611 on Apr 17, 2013 | hide | past | favorite | 70 comments
There seems to be enough interest[1] for a HN meetup similar to the one at Delhi. Let us meet at my place in Bangalore.

Location: 522, 16th Cross, 2nd "A" Main, 6th Sector, HSR Layout

Time: 4pm onwards, Day: Sunday - 21st April

Please drop your confirmation in comments below. It will be good if people can bring some snacks and drinks to share as well. Please come even if you don't bring anything. :)

My phone number in hex is 218EC1161, if you want to reach me.

[1] - https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=5563261

People seem to prefer a more common location. Let us meet here at Barleyz instead, http://www.zomato.com/bangalore/barleyz-the-brew-house-koram...

I also created a facebook group for contacting people coming for this meetup. Please join the group, if you are coming. https://www.facebook.com/groups/482115068527962/

@grease, thanks for the pizza offer. maybe you could sponsor appetisers instead? :)

I'm looking forward to this!

Yep, starters on me. Or recruiterbox, to be more precise :)

Look forward.

This is off topic and about the 10000 startups (which is a NASSCOM project currently on HN). I would not have known about this if it was not posted here, and it is going to drop off the HN Frontpage as it has only 18 votes right now. Requesting anyone from India and interested in startups, to upvote that article to spread awareness (even if it means decreasing your chances of getting in a bit; 10000 startups is a lot and If I dont get in I probably am working on something stupid)

link please??

This is great. Small suggestion: Moving it to a place outside the home/office zone might be good.

Might I suggest a more open location, perhaps something on the lines of Barleyz or Arbor brewery?

I had the exact thoughts. Berleyz is walking distance from my place, so +1 to Berleyz.

Barleyz in Kormangala is great! Very near to my place. Can make it.

+1 for barleyz - great place for something like this!

+1 Barleyz

Great job with the phone number. I'll try to make it.

I currently work & live in Chennai. I am long time lurker (+2 years), first time poster, If anyone is organizing a meet in Chennai, anytime this or next month I am totally in.

I would have gone to this meet, if I had known about it 2 days ago, at-least today morning.Heck, I've got something meaningful to post on HN.

You should post this on http://hackerstreet.in/ as well.

This one is more like a personal forum where people (maybe) known or close to the owner of domain/forum rule(just my somewhat far fetched speculation). There are no set forum rules or guidelines and the one that they follow on "as it comes" are decided after seeing who the guy is in question. A newbie, a lurker or an established founder or so.

So, my request is to keep it HN Meetup and not to make it HS Meetup or H(S+N) Meetup.

Personal experience; so this jm2c of mine might be biased as well.

I haven't seen any such behaviour on HSI. Prateek even goes out of his way to keep a low profile there.

> people (maybe) known or close to the owner of domain/forum rule

Any examples of this behavior? Who is currently ruling HSI? I would be very interested in hearing more on this.

As I said it was just my two cents and here http://hackerstreet.in/item?id=23904 is what I had seen there and was referring to. Though, I myself was not very active on HS and never visited after this. There was one more incident that I couldn't find in my browser history.

It's not sth serious but I was very disturbed to see how one guy had raised a valid concern and almost everyone jumped on him with logic like "this is from a star personality", "it was not posted by someone from the company" and "one person didn't find it relevant, others did". The last one was very odd and even more add was the related founder's reaction. The guy (who had originally raised the question) had just mentioned and pointed out the similarity and the he(founder) was like http://hackerstreet.in/item?id=23917.

And worst of all, people found it irrelevant when someone wanted to share a simple nice feedback(http://hackerstreet.in/item?id=23765); even forum owner(pd) frowned upon it(well, he was the firs one). And the entire community showed its double standard when it came to someone more successful, known on forum. Sadly the guy(who had first raised the concern) didn't post anything after that and neither the guy whose post was frowned upon.

Maybe rightly so, because I guess it was just me and that guy who found it odd or maybe some more people. This doesn't happen on HN. Here are too far many people for one post's fate to be decided by a small circle.

Here, if you deserve it, you get it!

@prateekdayal: Please understand that I didn't mean any offence if you took any. I had the almost the same questions and if you check my ID there(same as HN) I hardly participated, I was just a lurker but still I found it odd and not well handled. Maybe HS needs to mature and more members with down-voting power needs to be there, which shall certainly take time. 'People known to forum owner' was a remark marked as a 'maybe' and that's what it was. Yes, it did sound like an allegation of some sort(apologies, if it did) but then again it was based upon the behaviour I observed.

Thanks for coming here yourself and replying.

Funny thing is that people simply go out and post their un-informed opinions and write off the work that people (moderators in this case) have been doing for years to keep HSI healthy. For example, I have never even met Webengage founder and he is certainly not a friend and hence getting upvoted. Friend of the community and getting upvoted? Maybe.

> Sadly the guy(who had first raised the concern) didn't post anything after that and neither the guy whose post was frowned upon.

The guy who was 'jumped on' is still active and commenting on HSI. So is the guy that posted the second thread.

In the end, please raise your concerns but don't discourage people from visiting HSI or 'mixing' without getting your facts right. Thanks

Disagreeing with someone is not the same as jumping on him! Did you find any of the replies personally insulting the person who raised the concerns? Or making fun of him or writing him off? If you did, that is precisely what the down vote is for. You will notice that the person raising the point was not downvoted into oblivion.

If it is nothing serious, please don't tell people to not go and participate in the board.

I am in too. Since you've changed the location to Barleyz, Please update it on the thread too.

Dear All, Apologies. I wanted to come by all means but I am taking an early Monday morning flight. It will be a bit of a touch and go.

If only this happened over a weekday! Many might be away/out of station on weekends. Suggest to have this on a weekday.

Great, very nice to hear. I all try to join. Created account for the first time in HN for posting comments.

This may be a long shot, but are there a lot of HNers here Mumbai? A meet up would be nice.

May Not join but keep in touch :)

I'm out of station on the 21st ! damn. Maybe next time. Love the initiative though !

how about we make this regular. monthly or something. I cant make it in April but definitely next month and I'd love to meet more like minded people and hang out at least once a month.

I am coming! It will be good if we start speaking about the agenda.

This meetup makes sense for non tech person? if Yes am in too :)

Will try dropping in if it happens at a place like Barleyz.

Would any one be interested in a meetup in Hyderabad ?

Sure, I would be!

Great !! It would be good if we can get more people

I'm in

Count me in

Count me

Great!! Count Me in.

Any particular agenda? Irrespective of that, I'm in.

I'll try to make it

If you guys are ok, I don't mind sponsoring pizza for the meet. Let me know.

I'll try to make it and have some grease pizza

I'll drop in. Though i'll be coming from chennai.

Oops sorry guys, last minute personal work came up. can't make the commute from chennai. ah well some other time

Agenda? 4pm onward till? Anyway count me in ;)

Do we have an agenda? I am willing to come..

I'm in! And bringing a buddy along too.

oops, I am In Agra in Uttar Pradesh 283203.

Any idea for me. I never see any Company,corporate Anyone do anything in UP.

Great idea. I hope I can make it :)

What's agenda for this meetup?

Will try joining next time.

I ll try to make it :)

I'll try to make it.

Cherian - confirming

any agenda? what usually happens at such a meetup?

+1 - Final venue??

I will be there!

I am coming :D

I'll be there.

Will be there!

+1. thanks!



+ 1



I am in.

sure I will make it.

+ me + friend


such a short notice :(.. would have loved to come for the meetup.

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