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HN Meetup, New Delhi
53 points by monsterix on Apr 17, 2013 | hide | past | favorite | 53 comments
Curious to see if there are any HN-ers and aspiring entrepreneurs in Delhi/NCR area interested for a meet up this Sunday?

Location: Route 04 Connaught Place, Time: 4pm onwards, Day: Sunday - 21st April

Edit: Please drop your confirmation in comments below.

There is the Space Apps Challenge thing happening this weekend at IIT Delhi so many people won't be able to make it.


I'm not in town this Sunday, but I help run a startup coworking space in Mohan Estate. You're welcome to use it if this becomes a recurring thing.

Sure @avemuri let's connect o'er email (shared on my HN profile).

Good to see such events happening in India. If this happening in Delhi, i'm sure other cities will be having it very soon.

Guys, please keep checking back on this thread, its better to keep in touch, since it is the first meetup. Things you might wanna bring include:

1. Yourself (ofcourse :p )

2. Personal/Business Cards

3. A Positive attitude and a smile :)

I wish we'd have one at Bangalore as well. I'm happy to organise one if there is enough interest.

Don't hijack our thread, please!

Just kidding :) Good luck for an HN meetup in Bangalore. Hope we get some people turn up in Delhi as well.

Sorry to have hijacked this thread. Here is a new thread just for the Bangalore meetup. Please upvote to keep it in the HN homepage.


Hope you guys have a nice meetup in Delhi.

+1, i would be interested in a b'lore meetup too.

That'd be awesome! I think there is a good amount of interest shown for this, if you do go ahead and do this, I'd love to help.

thanks! that will be good.



There you have some traction, already :-)




Me and Nitish will be there. And I hope every one in HN knows who Nitish (THE NITISH) is...

We ll see you guys..

I would love to, but I live in Chandigarh and I have an exam on 23 so can't travel :(

There are HN'ers in my hometown? :O

Yea I know, we have talked before. Remember?

I'll be there!

So is this happening? Came here to check the response but it seems Bangalore people have indeed hijacked this thread!!

Count me in if it is happening. Always happy for an excuse to grab an beer.

Yes, confirmed. See my response on the thread above/below.

Sorry to Hijack, but I am interested in organizing a meetup in Hyderabad if any one is in.

Count me in!

Won't be able to attend this time. I hope such meetups are organized more often.

Most probably I will join in.

count me in..I am bringing one more friend of mine along with me.

Been a while since I attended a startup event. Looking forward!!

I would love to turnup!

I hope to be there.

Might attend. :)

I'm coming :)

Count me in..

+1. For now.

+1. Eagerly waiting for it.






I would love to turn up.

count me in :)




I am in.



orite am up!

Yes. The event is confirmed. Please feel free to connect with me or Paras Chopra of Wingify on coming Sunday.

My email is arvind at bubbleideas dot com or call me on 0 99 58 1188 62.

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