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We used C++ to write a game and _SOMEHOW_ without knowing properly about how GC worked - learned to write our own garbage collectors for projectiles that went out of screen and enemies that died. :) It was basically the eye opener for how GC's worked. Though I am sure it's faaaaaar more complicated than the Sets we used to keep track. It still made me better at manually handling memory.

That being said, I prefer GC and/or Automatic Reference Counting at compile time. Still though, it was a nice "feeling" to manage your own memory in an (incredibly small) project.

"GC and/or Automatic Reference Counting at compile time" - What do you mean by that?

He's probably talking about ARC for Objective-C, that automatically releases references and allocations when it's impossible for those allocations to be used again in scope.

Heh, I would have thought spelling the acronym out might be more clear than just typing ARC.

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