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Pretty random, first thing that occurred to me. You probably did not want to be in this guy's path: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genghis_Khan

(I may have been echoing an old SF story where a XXX century displaced person was telling a friend about his punishment for trying a ruthless power grab, which was being dumped in Warsaw in September 1939. However, he had bounced back, remaking a good life. But the "friend" was an agent who then proceeded to continue the punishment by dumping him in Baghdad before Genghis hit it ...).

Anyways, pick a century, any century ...

The Mongols are exactly why I didn't mention the space between Asia and Western Europe. To tie in the Crusades comment below, I also didn't mention Northern Africa or the Middle East. Anyway, once again it seems I've read too much into a random number, similarly to when I jumped all over someone on Reddit for saying nothing happened in 1789!

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