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> If all you are is a "meat bag", then a bomb blast is no more tragic than making sloppy joes with ground beef.

Does not follow, and I disagree strongly. Specifics matter, but that doesn't make the "meat bag" thing untrue.

It's also true that a person and a block of wood are the same - they are both made of atoms, and the same types of atoms for that matter.

If everything is true then nothing is. If you want to compare a person to a meat bag, then you also have to compare them to a block of wood, and the sun, and everything else. i.e. you've actually done nothing whatsoever.

         /  |   \
     meat  wood  ...
    /   \    \
  human cow   ...

Humans are not wood, though wood and humans are both matter. Humans are however "made of meat", just as any other animal is.

As far as I can tell, the point of describing humans as meat is not to make an assessment of worth, but rather to drive home the fragile and temporary nature of humans. I don't know why anyone would object to that.

Because people like being pedantic in the worst possible way.

The fragility angle was obvious in his post, but people clearly just needed to be butthurt over something.

"is" != "is (mostly) made of"

Fair enough. I suspect the terminology "meat" is mostly a homage to Terry Bisson's short story "They're Made Out of Meat". That is why I like the word anyway. ;)

After thinking about this for a while I propose "aggregates of stardust" instead of "meat bags" ^^

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